About us


Founded in 2006, Secur-T Canado/Nacan is a North-American distributor and a first rate partner regarding the protection of the merchandise as well as the persons working on site at your company. Anywhere in North America, we offer turnkey solutions that perfectly meet the needs and the reality of our clients from various industrial sectors.

From locking devices to protection systems and safety guards, we work with the largest manufacturers of safety products in the world. For this reason, we can help you make your freight safer and prevent losses, frauds, thefts and accidents. Combining safety, health and productivity is one of our greatest strengths. You can count on our expertise and know-how, consultation approach, availability and exemplary customer service. Whether your company is small or large, we are here to advise you and to make sure you have all the products you need. All the time.

Our mission: Looking after your safety. Our priority: Ensuring your peace of mind.

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